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Course Objectives

International trade operations can be a major source of risk for companies in terms of strict control by governmental authorities due to custom issues, complex rules regarding import and export controls and high penalties applicable to international trade activities. Government regulations have been more complex, and the penalties have been higher. This is particularly true when importing various goods from different countries of origins as there may be different filing requirements for each country. Having a proactive and comprehensive import (and export) trade compliance program is not only prudent, but necessary.

For this reason, we have established a course on trade compliance that covers key areas of shipping, import logistics documentation, compliance culture, incoterms 2020 and focuses on identifying risks and preventing mitigating damages related to the customs laws. Therefore, it is essential that individuals and staff involved in legal, logistics, foreign trade and finance department as well as third parties should be enroll for a trade compliance program.

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Target AudienceImport Compliance and Interested Persons
Type of CourseShort Course
Suggested30 minutes of study daily
Type of LearningSelf-paced learning (100% Online)

Course Outline


Fundamentals of International Trade 40:56 minutes

Import Procedure and Destination Operations 31:07 minutes

Building Trade Compliance Culture 29:03 minutes

Managing International Sales And Payment Risks 20:49 minutes