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Procurement as sometimes confused with sourcing focuses on indirect goods and services. Although, sourcing happens to make procurement easier. Most organizations compete on the basis of quality and customer satisfaction; therefore they need to be much more strategic when it comes to their purchasing and procurement decisions and actions. International procurement involves the process where firms or businesses in countries bid on contract for goods and services. This process have gained popularity as shipping and transportation costs have decreased due to influx of cheap, readily available fuel. International procurement provides 3 primary benefits and which are lower costs, stimulation of a global economy and increased consumer base. As more goods and services are purchased from foreign countries, the wealth of businesses, firms and countries increases.

Every business or firm involved in international trade should have procurement professionals that will help to accelerate the development of an optimal supply base and purchase materials under the best terms, including price, quality, delivery, lead times and other performance metrics. This course will guide you on the 21st century approach to international procurement deliverables

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Target AudienceProcurement Experts and Interested Persons
Type of CourseShort Course
Suggested30 minutes of study daily
Learning typeSelf-paced learning (100% Online)

Course Outline


Introduction to Procurement Processes and Principles 18:31 minutes

International Procurement Environment 52:05 minutes

Import Procedure 31:07 minutes

Global Trade Environment 41:33 minutes