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Course Objectives

One of the biggest problems of small scale business are storage centers for their raw materials or finished products. We cannot talk about warehouse without mentioning inventory. For manufacturer, the most important and cost driven places for them is the warehouse. Warehouse management is more complex than inventory as it deals with a systematic control of people, space and equipment. Over the years,

Logistics managers have had to deal with managing warehouse personnel, warehouse space and its equipment. Mismanagement of the warehouse space is a cost on its own. The longer an item (no matter how small it is) stays in a warehouse the more cost is incurred. The accurate record keeping of goods, items or information whether raw, processed or finished is known as inventory management.

The simplest form of application of inventory and warehouse management is our “homes”. We all practice some level of inventory and warehouse management without knowing. Supply Chain Professionals have battled with how they can control inventory. This course will answer questions of how to control inventory. You will learn about our proven theories and techniques of managing inventory and warehouse.

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Target AudienceWarehouse Experts and Interested Persons
Type of ContentShort Course
Suggested 2-4 hours of study daily
Learning TypeSelf-paced learning (100% Online)

Course Outline


Inventory Management 30:31 minutes

Fundamentals of Warehousing 26:04 minutes

Materials Management 39:51 minutes